Aemula for Android

Aemula (Tablet Edition) on Google Play.

iDOS 2(Aemula Edition) for iPad

You can either get it from the source:

or download Aemula.deb directly.


Aemula Oldies ships with standalone BIOS ROM files used in Bochs/Plex86 projects with a few changes.

BIOS Source (LGPLv2 or later)

Expanded Memory Driver

EMMSTUB.SYS is the expanded memory driver for Aemula.

Mouse Driver

CTMOUSE.EXE from CuteMouse is a mouse driver. You will need it for mouse to work in DOS programs.

Suppose you put CTMOUSE.EXE in C:\DOS, then you need to add a line in AUTOEXEC.BAT:


It is that simple.

Windows comes with its own mouse driver, so it is not necessary to install any mouse driver.